9 Ways to Help

If you want to help with any of several of these, or have questions to find out more before committing, email Brad at brad@thememphisoutpost.com

1) Cheerleaders – We need people sharing stories you like with friends via facebook, emails, etc and make comments on our stories online to fuel the conversation.

2) Match-Makers – We need people using our stories as a ministry tool, looking to send the right stories to the right people at the right time for maximum impact.

3) Critics – We need people giving us feedback, via weekly surveys we’ll send out, about everything – stories, logos, copy, design, web experience, etc.  Sign up here.

4) Intercessors – We need people praying weekly for all sorts of things as we inform you through emails, as God directs you, and also once a month as we gather the intercessors locally or for a national conference call, to worship and pray and discern God’s will for this mission.

5) Donors – We need some non-traditional givers to give monthly gifts of some amount for the first year so that we launch on solid footing.  If we only had a few hundred families giving an average of $100-200 a month this whole project would be fully funded and would be headed towards our self-sustaining goal within about 18 months!

6) Host Pizza & Movie Night – help us get the word out and recruit some new help via a movie night like you attended.  You could offer us your house, dorm or apartment.

7) Small Group Leaders – grab a few friends, play a film or two each week and ask the questions in the booklet to reach out the people you know NEED this!

8 ) Live! Event Hosts & Volunteers – help us set up a large-venue experience for your church, youth group, retreat, Sunday school, small group, or possibly even in a non-religious setting for those reluctant to enter traditional church buildings, so that whole families and their friends and co-workers can come in for pizza, cokes, a few movies, some great discussion and maybe even prayer, an alter call, healing services, an open mic (all optional of course based on your comfort level with these things).  We need help setting up, praying, serving food, cleaning up, counseling people, playing music, running the audio/video, etc.  It simply doesn’t get any easier to invite a friend to hear a gospel presentation than this!  Its food and movies – America’s favorite pastimes!

9) Front-Line Volunteers – offer your graphic design, web development, video editing, camera, animation, sound skills, etc to help us get this off the ground (so that hopefully soon, we can pay you for it once we become self-sustaining)