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Rejected By The Church

Rejected By The Church

They should have been loved, but were rejected, judged and shamed, but isn’t that why Jesus died, so that we wouldn’t have to have it all together before coming to Him and making friends with His other children?

Produced by Central Christian Church

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14 Responses to “Rejected By The Church”

  1. jocinta Mia Brown says:

    A lot of churches don’t realize how much their actions effect people but if the head members of the church would reach out more and be better examples of love to members and new comers that would make a great differance.

  2. Alyson Russell says:

    This video is proof as one of my greatest pains as a CHristian…that the “church” has completely failed in its responsibilities that were outlined in Scripture. If there is anywhere that someone should feel accepted, loved, and wanted, it should be by those that call themselves followers of Jesus. Christian means Christ-like so we need to remember that Jesus didn’t spend the bulk of his ministry preaching and teaching to those in the “lofty” places…..HE WENT TO THE BOTTOM FIRST….if I want to strive to be like Him, who am I to think that anyone is beneath me? One of my favorite verses is ” He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” If all true believers within the church walls were to live by this, there wouldn’t be enough acreage to build enough churches….we need to stop blaming the breakdown of this world on the world itself and realize that the major reason for the chaos is the unwillingness of Christians to act like Christians….

  3. Sam Shaw says:

    Any Christian who undergoes hardship thanks to the church, or from being separated from it, is in good company. Not even King David, who often led the worship in Israel, always had a “church”:
    Psalm 42:4
    These things I remember
    as I pour out my soul:
    how I _used_ to go with the multitude,
    leading the procession to the house of God,
    with shouts of joy and thanksgiving
    among the festive throng.

    …but David knew he could have hope in God:
    Psalm 42:14
    Why are you downcast, O my soul?
    Why so disturbed within me?
    Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise him,
    my Savior and my God.

  4. rejected says:

    i have been rejected by the church due to me not willing to listen to a pastor that was removed from the church due to his behaviour and then came to another denomination to continue his evil work. he threw almost half the church out for not listening to him he used people to get his own way. he wanted to take over the charity i set up, after me saying no he then removed me, called all the churches in a ten mile radius and told them i would destroy their ministries. this man was known people knew his past and yet he is still let loose to do the devils work. for me church is no longer the answer, it is a social shop where gosip and slander is done under the name of God. My love for Jesus has not changed but my love for the church has gone.

  5. […] lots of people out there in the ether who are still carrying wounds of church rejection (check out Your Story My Story’s video if you want a challenge. They are still reeling from having the doors shut in their […]

  6. pen says:

    you no, i was rejected by the church and the reason because i have DID. i was told by the church that i could never be a Christian, im unredemable. due to the i tried to committ suicide. as you can see im still here. All i can say is i no Jesus loves me and i love him But the CHURCH isnt safe for people like me. im judged by a past that i was born into didnt choose. I JUST WANT TO SAY JESUS is the way. When people tell me God loves the church, i can not believe that. i thought we were ment to be living in the world but not of it. so i dont understand. BUT Jesus loves me and I Love him!! but i do not have church in my life anymore

  7. Meg says:

    Try not to be discouraged if some churches or church members reject you. Search for one that will accept you for who you are, just as Jesus does.God alone is perfect – humans can never measure up to His goodness.Pray that you will find friends within the Christian community who will understand you. Even in the church, just as in the world around you,there will be people you feel closer to than others.

  8. Glen Atkinson says:

    I have been on the receiving end of horrible rejection that has ruined my life. I was once a successful Youth Worker and College Chaplain. I made the mistake of changing jobs and relocating to a different part of the country. Instead of being part of a vibrant church I found myself in a place where people loved to tear others down the bolster their own fragile egos. I challenged the ‘norm’ and thats when I started to be cons idered a trouble maker. I found out that funds were being diverted to ministries that elders had formed and financially benefited from and so challenging the illegal practice. I was asked to leave and then found other local churches were reluctant for us to join them. As one church leader said, “You need to prove yourself trust worthy”. We have stopped going to church and feel lost and alone.

  9. Sue Dumbill says:

    For the past 5 years I have not been a member of a church. I left a church 5 years ago because of concerns. I feel rejected by several Christians here from that church and others, as if they don’t want to associate with me any more, or more than necessary. They seem to be withdrawing from me, making it really clear, judging me and those I have tried to reach out to in friendship – none have responded. I feel like an outcast and lonely at present, and I’m a bit concerned at present because I have had suicidal thoughts very recently. I generally am able to dismiss these, but these ongoing negative responses are making that hard. I have Schizo-Affective Disorder with Depression, and some OCD. Some Christians seem to think this is demonic and don’t seem to understand why I’m not free. I have had to withdraw from many Christians because of this, and not mention it because of their beliefs.

    It sometimes seems strange being alone so much like this, but I know God is with me, and He blesses the voluntary work I do at a nearby psychiatric hospital, where it seems more like church to me because there is a very good network of support and is a very positive place for me. It’s as if something happens when people work together to care for others and each other. I am astounded sometimes at how caring some of the staff are, and how compassionate they are, and I have no idea if they’re Christians. This – and chatting with strangers – is where I get most of my social contact. I don’t hope or expect it from the church any more.

    I don’t know how much longer this will go on for, but I would like it all to have a positive outcome. its so painful being rejected by Christians but it does happen. God help us all who are going through this.

    Sue Dumbill, Liverpool UK.

  10. Sue. Wow. Your story is heart-breaking to me.

    For the most part, Christians are not very well-trained to discern what causes most problems. So I hate it that they all think it’s demons. I mean, they could be right. Your condition actually MIGHT be caused by demons – just look up on YouTube stories of people with schizo who were really just demonized and once they were freed, they were totally normal!

    However, maybe its not demons. Maybe there is a real medical condition there which has natural causes. Either way, Papa God’s heart for you is love, love, love! And I am sorry that his kid’s aren’t showing the same. I love you! So does he! Bless you!

  11. Jamie Truesdale says:

    I’ve experienced a lot of love but unfortuanately a lot of judgment and hurt in church.Many times.Although I have gone thru that ,I still believe still love Jesus and still believe church can be good .Honestly if your relationship with God isn’t strong church can wound you .People are jerks even in church so realizing and knowing the Lord for yourself is key .After all He is the one doing the saving and doing the loving and forgiving .He is the one who has the opinion that counts

  12. Jamie Truesdale says:

    Just a comment for the woman with a mental condition ,I’m in love with a man with Schizoaffective and he loves Jesus ,I’ve prayed a lot for him ,to be free from either the illness or if it was demonic ,I can say he has a sweet loving spirit and is a child of God and so are you ,and God bless you for volunteering and serving. Your loved .

  13. Linda says:

    I want to say I’M SORRY for what was done
    to you. I too was rejected from my church
    that I attended for two decades. Just know
    this….God did not condone the behavior
    of those that judged you unfairly or shunned
    you because of your past. To the lady that
    was a stripper: Just realize that the devil
    put those girls in the cafe up to it/God
    wanted them there to lead you to Him…they
    listened instead to the devil and God was
    not pleased with them. TO ALL OF YOU:
    You will never go to hell for anything that
    you’ve ever done…if that was so, we’d all
    end up there because we are ALL imperfect.
    You are only saved by having a relationship
    with Jesus Christ & being born-again. Just
    ask HIM to come and live in your heart and
    save you for all eternity. I was not in a
    church when I did that/in fact I was watching
    TV. I went to a church later on but was
    rejected by the church leader there, and I’m
    not in a church now. But I’m just as saved
    now as I was when I belonged to a church.
    The Body of Christ is not a building…it’s
    made up of HIS people. I’m not against church.
    I loved my church. I think it’s wonderful to
    belong to a healthy church. But an unhealthy
    church does much damage. But GOD WILL NEVER
    Remember, the devil is the accuser of the
    brethren. If you’ve confessed your sin to
    the LORD, it’s under the blood and forgiven.
    Even if people don’t forgive you, God does
    and He’s the only one that counts. God loves
    us unconditionally and hates self-righteous-
    ness! God did not send those who would try
    to discourage you from seeking HIM. Go to Him
    and let Him heal your wounds, and DON’T
    GIVE UP.

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