My Story

“Nothing has touched me and helped me more than the true-life stories of other Christians.  Whether it was walking with faithful brothers, listening to a story via a podcast or watching the biography channel – its been watching other people live their lives that have helped me live mine.”                                                                                                   — R. Brad McDaniel, founder and executive producer     

brad-16 smaller squared I am the executive producer here at Your Story/My Story.  And  maybe needless to say, I love – no, scratch that – I am desperate for great stories! Especially true God-stories that  rouse, inspire, offer hope and pass along wisdom.  My love of God-stories comes from my love of the true stories in the Bible and church  history.  I even have a whole host of jaw-dropping testimonies to tell  myself. So it makes sense – doesnt it? – that God would call me to launch  a new testimony-telling that feature the most amazing stories of God’s  intervention in the lives of everyday people?

To give a bit of background, I came to Christ as an atheist because of a Saul-to-Paul-type vision of Jesus that I had at 19 in my living room.  Then after waiting like Hosea or Jacob for ten years for my son’s mother to come back to me, I finally got to marry my beloved at age 30 (see Modern-Day Fairy Tale)!  Then after being called by God to leave my comfy, high-paying, Inc 500 corporate job to launch a new non-profit in the middle of the worst recession ever (see our upcoming story Our Excruciating Journey, due out in July), plus dozens of other crazy stories all along the way – it only makes sense that I’d crave other people’s faith-stories (because I need so much encouragement and most people don’t even understand what I’m doing and think I’m crazy).

Thus, I need lots and lots of stories, both from the Bible and from the church, that help me along way as I try my best to walk with God as He keeps on putting me into these Biblically epic storylines – where everything is on the line and if He doesn’t show up to do His part, I’m toast!

So in this vein, I offer these stories to you to help you on your faith-journey!  I pray that they are a blessing to you as you put it all on the line to trust and call on Him!

Brad McDaniel