3 Things You Need to Know

#1 The Hard-to-Reach

1 in 3 people in the US.

This is the number of your coworkers, neighborhood kids and family who are unreached by the gospel of Jesus.

Mark It Down: The 3 traditional means of outreach – print, radio and big meetings – aren’t working as they have for past generations, as trends show that general church attendance plummets 5% each year, while 70% of active high school church-goers will never return after graduation).  Additionally, 75% of high school grads will never read a book to completion for the rest of their lives and iPods have all but killed the use of radio for the younger generations.

#2: The Lonely Are Right Next to You

76 million adults in the US (1 in 3).

This is the number of adults in the US who say that they don;t have even ONE person to confide in, not even one.

Mark It Down: Instead of going to their local pastor or friend or library for help, people’s spiritual questions are spilling over onto the web. Moving in droves, people anonymously seeking answers using search engines.  Did you know that “what is love?” and “what is life?” were the #1 and #2 most searched “what is” questions on Google in 2008?

#3: The Addiction to Digital Media

10 hours of a day.

The time the average teen spends consuming digital media, longer than sleeping or anything else.

Mark It Down:  They do not think in words, but in images.  They relate to their world through media, through story, through art – not through books, sermons, dead facts..

Our Call to Action

As the Texan’s say, we must “fish where the fish are, don’t fish where they ain’t”!  That is, like good missionaries, we must reach these people where they gather and in their preferred language…visual media, but still proclaim the same eternal, changeless hope of God’s love.

Mark It Down…for the next 50 years, the American culture won’t be reached through sermons or books or programs full of redemptive truth, but through beautiful works of art (movies, songs, images) full of redemption truth.