All the Big Picture Stuff

Our Story

We find that modern-day God-stories are simply superior to any other resource in terms of building our faith in God and making the Scriptures come alive and realistic.

That is, we find that we exalt the bible characters into a special, first-tier class all by themselves with the other saints down throughout the ages.  “They are holy, favored, spiritual, faithful and simply more loved than I am,” we reason, “so that is why God helps them in such dramatic ways.  I can’t trust God to heal from this cold, much less from cancer!”

So until we can see in right-here-in-this-world examples that all of the things we see in the ancient scriptures are still happening today (yes, all of them), we will often dismiss the very stories that are meant to inspire us to call out on God for help!

Thus, Your Story/My Story is like an extended Hall of Faith – folks who have seen breakthrough and redemption in their stories – no matter how badly they started off.

Our Mission

The Your Story/My Story mission offers rescue for the lost, a boost of hope to the weak and outreach tools to the strong by translating the hope of the gospel into the language that all humans speak – which is simply – story!  By featuring the most amazing examples of God’s intervention in the lives of everyday people, we are displaying the glory of God – man fully alive – on film which aren’t meant just to entertain, or inspire, but actually move viewers to action until they come into their own breakthrough.

Our Vision

The Your Story/My Story brand will be the global leader in delivering high-quality, world-class Christian testimonies to the masses, making our site THE place to share faith-stories online, becoming a badge of status to do so.  The videos will be delivered online, on DVDs and on TV to smaller and larger groups that are in an increasingly post-reading, impatient, media-driven culture, who all need soulful, true, “this-is-how-God-helped-me”-type stories to help them through the season of life they’re in.

Our Progress So Far

Of course, we have just recently launched our “mock-up” site back in September of 2009, but since then, we are averaging a little over a 1000 visitors a month from all 50 states and over 30 nations.

What’s Next?

1) We will be launching our first beta site in June 2010, which will allow viewers to download their favorite videos and buy DVD’s.

2) We will be hosting our first Your Story/My Story Live! event in Lakeland which is a high-energy social experience around pizza, our best features and discussion.

3) We will be launching small groups soon based on our videos and discussion guides.