What Stories Do, Our 7-Fold Niche & How We Make Money?

The Power of Story

Stories are both covert and subversive.  No matter how hardened the human heart, no matter how many locks are bolted shut on the front door, stories sneak in the kitchen window, the rouse the audience to faith, hope and love again – while also disruptively uprooting their true beliefs (which is different that what we say we believe), raising provocative questions which challenge their life strategy, call them to radical risks…and to boldly step into adventure one more time.

Our 7-Fold Niche

At present, in all our research, we have not found one single company or team that:

1) Produces wellmade Christian testimonies on video that focus on the internal struggle and beliefs of the protagonist,

2) Which are categorized by theme to be easily found,

3) Which can be viewed, owned or passed along on the web for the tech-savvy,

4) Which also can be bought on DVD through retail channels for the not-so-tech-savvy,

5) Which are marketed to believer and nonbelievers alike, as well as clergy and laity alike.

6) Which use the videos as a means to launch new spiritual, missional, organic communities or strengthen existing ones.

7) Which give the videos to under-resourced non-profits around the world to use as both fundraising tools and as hope-inspiring tools with their program clients.

A Self-Sustaining Mission?

Though we are still seeking angel donors for seed capital, once fully up and running, the mission should be sustainable within 12-18 mos.  All videos will be viewed online for FREE, but our ongoing revenue stream will come from:

1) Selling hi-def downloads to churches, NPO’s and small groups;

2) Selling DVD’s in retail channels;

3) Charging admission to large our Live! events, and mostly

4) By selling various ad placements online and on DVD.