The Big Idea

laptopRyan hates church, but spends hours online seeking spiritual answers.

But what if… he was sent an email with video that was just like his story, told in his own language, raising the same questions he has – but the storyteller explains how he found his answers in Jesus?

miscarriageJamie is planning on ending her unwanted pregnancy tomorrow.

But what if...she found a DVD on her desk at work with a note on it that read, “The stories on here really helped me at a critical time.  Maybe they will help you with your decision too. God bless.”?


Reggie is addicted to gay porn and considering living out his fantasies for real.

But what if…he was invited over for pizza and a movie night, featuring soul-stirring faith journeys, displaying the hope of the Godward life, which captivates him more than any sermon?

Whatever else we all need,

Whatever love or truth or help,

We desperately need

Stories of hope!

Stories of faith, and sacrifice,

And God’s intervention!

Now Slow Down…And Just Imagine…

im1ages-31) Watching God Intervene In Your Life

God is busy.  And we simply want to tell of His mighty works to the generations! If you think about it, there are more God-stories in the world today than in the entire Bible!  Even John said so. (John 21:25) He is on the move for sure!

2) Telling the Story on Film

People around the world will be invited to film the re-telling of God’s supernatural intervention in their lives in short, hard-hitting three, five, ten minute videos, then to upload them to our site for the masses to see.

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3) Displaying His Glory to the World

Imagine a whole website, or a DVD display rack in stores, chock-full of winsome, high-quality faith-stories – stories about people wrestling through all that life throws at us, showing us how God came through.

4) Connecting People for Dialogue

Some will want to learn more about Jesus or talk to the witnesses.  Some will want to talk to others with a similar story.  We’ll connect them all to fuel the hope, the conversation and the friendships.

girlonpc copy bw5) Spreading the Message

Email, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, DVD’s, live events, TV shows, mobile & airline content – you name it – we’ll be getting the best stories out to you and will give you tools to share them with your church and hard-to-reach friends.

Do You Think This Would Be A Helpful Outreach Tool?