Vision & Mission

The Memphis Outpost is a missional project incubator.  That is, we birth innovative, cutting-edge Christian ministries that focus on reaching the hard-to-reach through non-traditional means – primarily in Memphis, TN – led by Brad McDaniel.  Go here to find out more.

Our Current Focus: Your Story/My Story.

Simply Put – Stories can reach more people and reach deeper into people than any other current method of outreach, including sermons.  Stories aren’t all-powerful, but on the front end of our outreach, they are the most effective way to begin meaningful conversations about the most important things, and on the back end, they are the most powerful tool for follow-up and complimentary support for whatever kind of help is being offered.  Thus, storytelling is not new, neither is using video, but telling God’s most amazing and inspiring stories on video is very rare, and even more rarely done well.

The Memphis Outpost

Our Vision – The Your Story/My Story brand will be the global leader in delivering high-quality, world-class Christian testimonies to the masses, making our website THE place to share faith-stories online, becoming a badge of status to do so.  The videos will be delivered online, on DVDs, on TV and in various live gatherings to those in an increasingly post-reading, impatient, media-driven culture, who all need soulful, true, “this-is-how-God-helped-me”-type stories to help them through the season of life they’re in.  We are aiming for nothing less than sparking a global revolution – calling all saints back to the ancient custom of boasting in the Lord’s work in their lives whenever and wherever they meet.

Our Mission – The Your Story/My Story mission is giving viewers a boost of hope and passing on needed wisdom by translating the hope of the gospel into the language that all humans speak – story!  By exalting the most powerful examples of God’s intervention in the lives of everyday people, we will display the glory of God – man fully alive – to help us all through whatever season of life we’re in.

The Impact – This is truly a ground-breaking ministry model that is drawing off of several powerful, cutting-edge technologies like no other missionary team!  Riding the wave of several mega-shifts occurring globally right now, we expect to see nothing short of a global revolution (literally!) as people everywhere tell their own personal life-stories online, just as we’ve seen in other explosive web tools where people are  given power to create and share, like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc.

Our 7-Fold Niche – At present, in all our research, we have not found one single company or team that:

1) Produces wellmade Christian testimonies on video that focus on the internal struggle and beliefs of the protagonist,

2) Which are categorized by theme to be easily found,

3) Which can be viewed, owned or passed along on the web for the tech savvy,

4) Which also can be bought on DVD through retail channels for the not-so-tech-savvy,

5) Which are marketed to believer and nonbelievers alike, as well as clergy and laity alike,

6) Which use the videos as a means to launch new spiritual, missional, organic communities or to strengthen existing ones, and

7) Which give the videos to under resourced non-profits around the world to use as both fundraising tools and as hope inspiring tools with their clients.

The Roll-Out – We plan to launch, establish & expand like this, packaging our stories in multiple ways:

Phase 1 | Online Videos – Spring 2010

Phase 2 | Live! Events – Spring 2010

Phase 3 | TV/Airline Content – Fall 2010

Phase 4 | Retail DVD’s – Winter 2010